Touching Base September 14, 2019


I am sitting in the top upstairs corner bedroom of my Dad’s house in Placerville, California. I’m enduring for the fifth time the log journey of a kidney stone through my urinary track. If you’ve never has a kidney stone it’s like an invisible bully punching you in the kidney, then after a few seconds kicking you in the balls. This continues for several days until the stone passes. I was kicked in the back moments ago and the pain is fainting as I await the next blow. Q the Pug is balancing on my lap. So, this update may not be as comprehensive as I’d like. But here it goes anyway.

My move to California after the death of my mother last October hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d have liked. The plans I had to document the move didn’t work out either. In addition, I haven’t made any gold in the Golden State. Season 4, therefore, is going to be transitional. Out of necessity, I’m going to make some practical changes. There will no longer be links to people I interview in this website since I am including them in the episode details upon publication. Future episodes will be published with a minimum of self-promotion, exposition or advertising. In addition, I’ll be taking down all the user subscriptions and forums. I ended up with 30,000 fake subscribers that only served to flood my email. If you want to get hold of me you can do so on Social Media or email me at

I will continue to update Q the Pug’s social media. Be sure to check us out on to see how I ended up documenting the trip from New York. I just got kicked again so I have to go. Keep following because no matte where I go… there you are.