Seeking Researchers and Scientists & How I Quit


I changed my home page from Welcome to “For Those Who Must Know”

I was trying to create an invitation on but it was wanting money I don’t have. So I ended up not doing it.

But I did come up with a revelation.

Here is what I was going to publish:

"The UnCommonCore Podcast is seeking anyone who is willing to participate in a sit down interview for out podcast. We'd like you to talk about yourself and your most recent research or study.

Some of out audience is chronically curious. Those who must know. Our subjects and methods change to satisfy that curiosity.

Most of our listeners stumble upon us. If they don't hear anything they recognize they simply move on in search of something they find more comfortable. But we are here for those who stay because they seek the unfamiliar. We are here for the explorers.

The premise is, we all know our own culture but when it comes to the cultures and subcultures of others, most of us are culturally illiterate. But this can change if we are willing to step outside our comfort zone and listen to others talk passionately about things we've never cared about before but that they care about immensely.

If this sounds interesting to you please email me and we can go from there."

But I didn’t, I just changed  the welcome.

Q the pug is a dog who at a very young age would always poke his head around the corner to see what was going on. We lived in Thailand at at the time and Fah, the girl I was seeing then, would say “He must know”

It was true. And so must we.