Episode 21 is up After Re-Mastering



There are two versions of Episode 21 available. I was unhappy with the mastering of the version published March 1st and still available on venues connected with the Mastering Studio I use. These include Apple Music and Spotify. All other venues such as iTunes and Stitcher should have my own remastered version published on March 3rd. This newer version meets Broadcast loudness standards. (If you know what that means)

Here is a link to the PRX remastered version. The Episode page will be up momentarily.

New York’s (High-End) Audio Show : Part 1 | Season Premier | Featuring Electrocompaniet’s new EC Living | Technics’ legendary turntable returns with this year’s SL 1200G & SP 10R | CNET’s Steve Guttenberg talks audiophile culture past and present, NPR and the new Trombone Shorty record.
UnCommonCore Podcast Season 3 is set to expand it’s reach. This season starts off with this new series on the New York Audio Show.

In this first episode