Episode 15 is up – The page is coming soon


It has been an eventful few weeks here at UnCommonCore.
But I have not had the chance to contact the artists of Episode 15.
Please let them know that the podcast is up if you added them to your social media.
I will be contacting them soon and will add the links in a new Episode 15 Page soon.

Also, if you are on my subscription list here shoot me an email to let me know you are for real and not a robot. I will update my mail systems with Mail Chimp or Constant Contact or something and will purge fake subscriptions.
I want to start a new list only with fans. BTW what I really need is subscriptions and feedback on iTunes. If you don’t like something on the show let me know.

The next episode will be the Union Square Green Market.

Enjoy the summer.


Thank You Nissan


Thank you Nissan for letting me use your images. Listeners can now have a nice picture to click on. And I noticed one a really cool event for those of you in Texas.

At the 30th annual International Z Car Convention (ZCON), which [was] held [June 20 -24] in Austin, Texas, Nissan displed four historic vehicles (clockwise from top left): the Prince R380 race car, a 1971 240Z, a custom-built 300ZX which served as a PPG Pace Car in the ‘90s, and the original 1999 Z® concept that paved the way for the introduction of the 350Z. [Check it out next year!]

Sponsorships now available per episode


As the financial burdens of producing the podcast increase we will be exploring ways of earning revenue to keep it going. Please check the sponsor and advertising page for up to date information.

Today we added the following to the sponsor page.

Exclusive sponsorship which includes recognition of you, your brand, or website is now available for $200 per episode.
Recognition will be given in the form of a reading or pre-recorded message within the first 5 minutes and the last five minutes of the episode.
To be a sponsor please contact me at uncommoncorepodcast@yahoo.com

Sponsorship price is determined by the price to produce each podcast and may change as production values increase.